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May 15

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cara2012 Red'Winged Angel
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Ask many anything I know EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM! Die-HARD. what makes me diff. from most fan is I don't want a one-nighter or anything i wld be honored to be his friend. Someone he could talk to. Someone who just listened to his problems. and give the best advice I could. He, by making music, helps me deal w/ my pain, and i would love to help him deal with his. No more no less. Just want to make him happy, whatever that would mean. I am Detroit's Angel so you can call me Red'Winged Angel Tremaine and I, have the same Birthday Nov. 28th Be Jealous <3
Bloomfield Hills
United States
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Yes I am a Michigan angel. Holding it down in boring Grand Rapids. I see you're in Detroit - you know we gotta hold it down for Trey out here!

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I have updated the Price is Right Blog!

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I have updated the Price is Right Blog!

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Showing your little page some LOVE

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Thanks for the sweet comment, I try not to focus on the negativity of life. Not good for the soul.

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I just followed you on twitter, Thanks for tha request

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Contact me and I will send you an e-mail of Vanilla. I'm sorry I do aoplogize but I delete all my stories after a week.

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Don't feel bad about my comments on the video BabyGurl. I am glad you posted it so we can see what is going on. You didn't do anything wrong. You are young and still learning. Lots of Love. Your sister angel.

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girl dont trip cuz you'll be getting yours soon enough!!! i promise you that!

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ummm the only thing i can think of is rummaging thru the discussions, or use twitter to ask different angels to send you their link :D

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lolz wassup?

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thatz wassup :D... happy belated

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ur bday's 11/28 too?