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I so agree with @Shannon samuels...I love Trey just as much as that next angel...but I will not put my all into a guy to whom I know may not have that much time for me with him being as busy as he is...I'll say this much though I tell my bf the only guy I'll leave you for will be Trey Songz...that's if I ever get a chance to meet him n person.

On: Jul 03, 2011

Im going to give my opinion...just by looking at ur pic u may have a chance...who knows. If this is your goal strive for it...remember to be a positive person n always show respect...listen to how you talk when ur around ppl n watch how ppl react to things you do. Get urself prepared to be what u want when it involves Trigga Trey being ur mentor...just keep n mind that he is a very busy young man...I wish u only luck to fulfill ur goal.

On: Jul 03, 2011

Follow me an I will do the same @msmystery317 please state that ur n angel so I will know thx. I'm also on Skype @ candyapple317...lets get some angels on Skype as well. Hope to see fellow angels on Skype.

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On: Jul 03, 2011

I agree oh so very much...Trey should have more than just 1 event for his angels. He has angels all across this beautiful country. He should take a whole summer season an dedicate it to his angels...infact he should have a tour just for his angels and title it Trey's Angel Tour. Tis would be so special and an honor to be a Trey's Angel.

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On: Jul 03, 2011

I am a fellow TreySongz loving angel...I became an angel in February 2011...I have yet to have a nickname. I must say that reading about our handsome young man being with another female hurts :-( Its ok as long as she knows not to mess up with him and know that he is wanted by a whole lot of ladies...she should be glad whoever she is that she is the lucky 1 to be with him. Whether its true or not about this story I still say whoever she is that he has chosen is a very lucky lady. I wish them happiness...I hope I get a chance to meet my favorite male R&B singer and I pray that he is single when I do get that chance. (Hopefully I'll be single just for that moment)

My advice to Mr Handsome (Trey) please be very cautious about choosing who you choose to be with...I don't want just any lady to be with you for whatever reason...I want this lady of your choice to be with you for who you are as a respectful young man not just a handsome artist who can sing.

On: Jul 03, 2011
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