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Hey Jaylyn,

Which row are you sitting in??? I'm still thinking of going.

Replied To: Foxwoods Concert Feb. 14 (Forum topic)
On: Jan 01, 2013

Girl, I totally feel for you! I saw Trey on the 13th in DC and had Meet and Greet tix, which were AMAZING! But of course, I want more of him! lol. But, yeah, I completely understand your frustration with folks inflating the price of the tickets. It's just not fair! I was online on the 21st too, before 10AM and freakin' Ticketmaster site was going crazy lol. I almost cried too, but I was at work lol. Idk what to do! We gotta figure something out...

Replied To: Foxwoods Concert Feb. 14 (Forum topic)
On: Dec 26, 2012

Hey @BornPrettyBee,

I got the Meet and Greet. The regular admission would've had me sitting wayyyy in the back somewhere lol. But, I'll be in Row 4 with my meet and greet tickets. Did you get yours yet???

Replied To: Dec 13th Concert Anyone. HELP! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 24, 2012

Mine is "Gotta Make It." It came out the summer of 2005 when I was leaving my hometown in Miami to attend college in Boston... no family, no friends, no nothing. I was going on my own and I knew I had to make it. And, look at me now? Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, been teaching for three years, and am currently a homeowner. Trey's song definitely helped me with this success! I had to make it, and I did make it.

On: Nov 24, 2012

I ordered mine at the end of October, and just received a package today. However, they screwed up by sending me the "renewal" angel package instead of the first timer angel package. Therefore, they forgot my freaking treys angel shirt. Heated!!!

Replied To: Anyone else have this problem? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 24, 2012
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