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On: Jan 25, 2011

you go girl your right so many ppl have lost sight of being a fan n turned into being a treystalker smh at them fans new and old are all welcome in my book

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On: Jan 10, 2011
Replied To: ANGELS WITH HEART (Blog)
On: Jan 02, 2011
On: Jan 02, 2011

yes i soooooooooooooooo agree its time for a treys angels only concert i saw him in concert back in september i was so annoyed when girls around me didnt even know the song to have of treys new tracks when he would sing love faces smh at them dang groupies anyway i def agree on this
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love you angels

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On: Nov 26, 2010
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Chef by day rockstar ass catering pastry chef by nite lol no but in all seriousness been a huge fan since 05 in his sexy braid days now as a handsome ceasar cut male hes even better and his sex appeal went up like a million percent all the fake angels who are just now starting to jump on the band wagon its sad really but oh well what can u say...if anyone wants to follow me or just hit me up to discuss trey or cooking or wtva you can find me on facebook and twitter @ladymanolo and the same on facebook love as always all muahz...
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