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welcome! my twitter is @cassyathena ill follow back :)

Replied To: New Angel, Whooot ()
On: Mar 04, 2012

as cool as this sounds..i dont think it'd ever fly. going on tour costs a lot of money and involves a lot of people who need to get paid. i dont think there would be enough treys angels in each city to fill out thousands of seats at a venue..or if its smaller it might not be worth it. unless they charge is like $500 a ticket, which is really expensive lol

On: Mar 04, 2012
Replied To: Trey On Stage (Blog)
On: Mar 04, 2012

you're welcome. glad everyone liked them :)

On: Mar 04, 2012

Aw well I'm sure you'll get to see him again soon. This was my first time ever being able to even afford a ticket to go see him lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed the pics and videos !!

On: Mar 02, 2012
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I have loved Trey Songz for a LONG TIME but I just joined the Treys Angels...I love his music...everything from his r&b to rap..I can listen to Trey's music 24/7. Ive never met him or seen him live I'm hoping in 2011 that will all change!! Im an Artist and I love expressing myself through art..I am working on a Trey Songz painting right now! Follow me on TWITTER! <3
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