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I ordered mine in Dec. and just got it on Valentine's day! So hang in there its coming

On: Feb 15, 2013

Hey! Thanks for the welcome! How long have you been waiting?

Replied To: Im officially an Angel!! ()
On: Dec 09, 2012

No I didn't get I'm nervous.

Replied To: Im officially an Angel!! ()
On: Dec 08, 2012
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I'm an educated, loving mother of three. I love singing and making people smile and laugh. I'm a HUGE trey fan, but I think I might be different from most that love his looks. However, I love his soul and the way he expresses love. To me, not enough people love that way anymore. I listen to Trey when I'm happy, sad, or when I just want to fantasize about about Trey. Lol;) Anyway....I just admire the fact that with all his stardom, Trey Songz is a humble and real person that was blessed by God. On another note: If Trey Songz wasnt a superstar and I didnt have to compete with a world of women, Im sure with both our "swaggs" we would make beautiful music inside and outside the bedroom. Let me stop....SMH O_o. Love you,Trey. :)
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