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its all love! I had a ball to we got to do it again!

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hey girl! yea i was there it was sooo much fun! i'm so happy you got to go to! what time did u get there? i got there at exactly 6 and made the cut off of the first line. i really wanted to meet trey but by the time i spoke to someone about it he had already left :( its ok tho i was just happy that i was in the same building as him! lol's picture

whats your #?'s picture

did you win?

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Sounds like a plan CHRISTINA86!! I was so disappointed that the other angel couldn't come for the show, she was taking me as her guest. Let's contact each other if the other win!!!
keep our fingers crossed:)'s picture

i live in ny im on the waiting list too.if i win i'll take you and if you win take me.

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Hi,Charms:::Angel the $75 package you get all that shirt charm & dog tag. I'm not too sure about the $50 package. @ the time I just wanted the basic package cd & membership.Now I would like to purchase a dog tag, they don't sell it as yet like the other merchandises hopefully soon.

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I saw your comment under the feedback discussion. Did you receive a Trey's Angels shirt? I got an email this morning saying the only pre-order package that included the shirt and dog tag was the $75 package :/ I ordered the $50 package. Before I go ahead and renew my membership and pay another $30 so that I can get my shirt and dog tag, I want to know if other Angels that didn't purchase the $75 package got a shirt.

Thanks :)