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Good morning web crew! I changed my twitter name from @RammeBaby to @Its_likecandie who do I inform of the change? I would apppreciate the updated change Thank You!

On: Aug 08, 2012

watching this made me feel like I was there Yuuup!

On: Jul 27, 2012

Trey! with your up coming clothing line would you ever choose regular angels to model some of the gears? wishing you continued... success.

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On: Jul 05, 2012

Trey! will music always be your first love! now that your venturing into movies?

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On: Jul 03, 2012

Keep doing your thing baby!!! happy for ya :-)

On: Jun 28, 2012
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Help... I can't update and edit my account!

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love me some him! Treysongz that is. :-}

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To the web crew please update my twitter name from Its_likecandie back to Rammebaby thank you.


Yes! I want to discover more artists like Trey Songz.: