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i agree with anneb and sugashey1 because i am from the bahamas and can't purchase your album and also i've been wondering if Trey will be considering on having a concert in the bahamas.

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On: Jul 08, 2010

I wouldn't marry him for money and fame because they can disappear at any giving time and I'm not that type of person MONEY DON"T MOVE ME at all. I would marry him for who he is and not what he could give me. My mums and daddy always told me to don't depend on men for money and that is what i grew up knowing and i will live knowing that. Love will always over flow money and fame. Once Trey have a great personality, he is respectfull, know how to treat his lady and know what his long term goals are HELL YEA I'LL MARRY HIM.

On: Jul 08, 2010
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I am a 18 year old female living in The Bahamas. There is alot I can say about myself but I rather keep it a mistery. I just recently graduated high school and intend to go to college to study early childhood education and become a teacher and open my own school