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First I wanna say I think this was a good topic for a discussion I have talked about it with my friends and Im so team Kelly as well I like her and think they would be good together They look like a good couple and you can so see the chemistry when they are together

On: Feb 04, 2013

what cities are you going to be in

On: Feb 04, 2013

I will be watching Just to see Trey :)

On: Jan 25, 2013

It looks like they were great shows I wish I was there

On: Jan 16, 2013

omg when he pushed Kevin Hart it was so damn funny lol I love Trey and kevin together to funny Especially when Kevin Hart be singing Treys songs lol This video made my day alot better it was a good laugh which I needed :)

On: Jan 16, 2013
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you