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I will be there and I hope everyone else comes and has a great time

Replied To: Philly Angels ()
On: Dec 08, 2010

Welcome Angel This is the best fan club you can be apart of We are more then just fans Were Angels and Trey makes you feel special to be a Angel I hope you like the club Add me on facebook

On: Nov 19, 2010
On: Nov 17, 2010

I am a Philly Angel and I would love to do that Yall no we love are Trey in Philly Im def it Let me know when and where and I will be there It would be cool to meet some other Angels that live in Philly I am not on twitter that much but always on facebook Friend me and let me know when yall wanna do it

Replied To: Philly Angels ()
On: Nov 17, 2010

Philly 1 We go hard for Trey the last time he was here he shout downtown down lol Seriously though It was kinda messed up cause nobody got to see him after waiting hours in line for his Cd signing But we love us sum Trey in Philly I'm so excited about the Omg tour

On: Nov 10, 2010
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you
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