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@Tricia I agree with what you are saying and I feel like me being a angel and going as hard for Trey as I do does separate me from regular fans I didnt have a problem with what she posted I want him to win just as much as she does and will be really mad if he does't What I was saying is that I can understand how some people may of took it the wrong way once they read it but I do agree with her I want him to win also I have been voteing and will keep voteing I just hope it is enough and that everyone else votes to

On: Nov 04, 2010

Well I voted 4 Trey Like 10 times because there is no limit but maybe some other people dont think voteing is that important And I dont think no one is slacking in supporting Trey just being a Angel is supporting him right there I can understand why people think you tryna come at them for saying what you said the way you said it I voted 10 times because I do want him to win but I do wanna say that you can tell anybody how to support him everybody supports him in there own way as I said just being a Angel is support right there Trey wouldnt want us Angels fightin over this he knows we all love and support him in are own way

On: Nov 03, 2010

True it is getin cold and I would so buy them I need to rep for Trey and still be warm at the same time lol

Replied To: The Clothes (Forum topic)
On: Nov 03, 2010

I saw that a long time ago but I thought it was real cute to And the fact that he tapedit for usto watch was real cool it almost felt like being there with him he was all nervous Aww I just love TREY

Replied To: How Many Angels seen THIS!!!???!!! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 03, 2010

Yeah it happens to me all the time I have seen him 4 times this year and I am going 2 the OMG tour to I have posters and pics of him on my wall I even had him on my birthday cake that I brought myself and I turned 25 I have been told that I am a stalker and that I am wasteing my time and money because I will never meet him and he doesnt even know who I am and I have been told that I am to old to be so in love wit him And I need to stop supporting him and spending all my money on him because he doesnt even know I am alive Well what I tell those people is dont worry about what I do with my money and I dont care if they understand how I feel or why I feel the way I do about TREY I will support him and Love him untill the day I die if I want to I could really care less what people think of me Its my life and my money But yes I feel you because I hear it all the time esp when I said I was going to the OMG tour my friend was like no dont go havent you seen him enough 4 times isnt enough and i was like no its not she even went as far as to tell me she would stop being my friend if I go I just laughed I am going there was never a question about that just how I was gonna pay for it but thankfuly I worked it out and will be getin my ticket this weekend My advice to you is not to listen to them and if they get on your back about it just simply say you dont understand and probale never will and leave it like that My mom was just saying I dont understand why yall spend all yall money on him he doesnt even know your alive and he doesnt do anything for you its a wate of money And I told her thats not true he does more for me then I can even explain seeing him in concert gives me so much joy I can hardly explain it but I wont waste my time trying to To people that willl never get it and who are closed minded

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On: Nov 03, 2010
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you