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@Tyreta Sure we can go together that would be cool cause I went by myself the last 2 times Cause nobody would buy a ticket or go hard for Trey like me lol And I live in West Philly to I dont know if we can send messages on here but if u can message me and we can talk bout the show or friend me or Facebook
@Charbaby I dont know when they went on sell just that they are and I'm so mad and what pics u talkin bout ??
@ForbiddenAngel Yes they have I saw all the prices yesterday and was sooo mad thats why I posted this
@Tremanda Yeah I think it is Usher because I have been to 4 Trey concerts this year and none of the tickets started that high Damn Usher !!
@JesusisMySavior I wish are tickets were that cheap cause I just gotta go but they prices are just unresonable like really

On: Oct 22, 2010

Yes people They are on sell I wasnt even sure if they were coming cause it wasnt listed but I did some diging and yeah there coming and I was so mad when I found out You can buy them already I was like are serious !! I want 2 be first row as always but that might not happen since they been on sale since I dont know when Ugh!!! Why didnt they tell us !!!! Not cool

On: Oct 22, 2010
Replied To: AMA REMINDER (Blog)
On: Oct 20, 2010

Ok thanks see everybody there Yall no Philly go hard 4 Trey look at what happen at FYE that they was just madness though I'm still mad about that crap

Replied To: OMG TOUR in Philly ()
On: Oct 18, 2010

Awww I love it I felt like I was reading a book it was sooo great I just love it great job I sooo loved it Like really great job

Replied To: April's Secret ()
On: Oct 16, 2010
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you
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