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Replied To: AMA REMINDER (Blog)
On: Oct 20, 2010

I love it this is a great idea and a 2 step is perfect because that is all he does but he look so cute doing it lol Def post a video I wanna learn it

Replied To: Trey's Angels 2 Step (Forum topic)
On: Oct 20, 2010

I had the same idea a while ago I told my friends and family about it They were like your always giving Trey your money and I do and I would I love the idea I would buy everything

Replied To: Trey Clothing! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 20, 2010

Ok thanks see everybody there Yall no Philly go hard 4 Trey look at what happen at FYE that they was just madness though I'm still mad about that crap

Replied To: OMG TOUR in Philly (Forum topic)
On: Oct 18, 2010

Awww I love it I felt like I was reading a book it was sooo great I just love it great job I sooo loved it Like really great job

Replied To: April's Secret (Forum topic)
On: Oct 16, 2010
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you