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March 15

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  • Ok so I just got on THE ANGEL NETWORK Finally my phone wouldnt let me get on but I just got a new phone and Im on now but yall IM SOOOOO LOST CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW IT WORKS ? I need help Asap cause

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December 31

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  • I just wanna wish all of my fellow Angels a Happy New Year I love being a part of this sisterhood because we arent just a fan club we are more then that It has been a joy being aprt of this And I am

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October 16

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  • I wanna know if here are any Philly angels going to see him in NYC in Dec I dont wann go by myself  Help fellow Angels but I'm so going I love my Trey I just gotta be there is there anybody else

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I love you Trey I would do anything for you
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Thank you for the welcome!

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This is a official date.... Friday Dec. 10 th @ 7pm at Dave and Buster's Franklin Mills.... All the philly angels can send me a text @ 2679778434 to let me know whose attending... Let's make this a success!!!!

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i have also created a FORUM, but it not ONLY for fan FICTION, its for ENTERTAINMENT, as well

Check it out

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I went to the online tix page, you where right they are high, oh well. I was goin to buy mine next month also, hopefully they will be on sale. The tix I want is $280. Hit me up on FB.....just look for my name Tyreta Cespedes

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I live near Drexel right off of 33rd. What is the website to order the tix? I can't seem to find it. Most def we can go to together. I have a car so that's not a problem.