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@ JESUSISMYSAVIOR You are right just about everyone was there to see Meek I wanted to see him as well It is his city and he do be killin it everyone loves him but seeing Trey is why I went to the show in the first place

On: Nov 16, 2012

@ MYSOULFULFAITH yeah that is disrespectful if people say that to you smh but like you said its there problem not yours Some people can be so rude and mean smh but thanks I always enjoy myself at the concerts and ignore people who want to start drama because Im not with that I go to see Trey thats it To bad you cant go see him on tour Dont worry I will give you a full report on the show Thanks for the love Angel :)

On: Nov 16, 2012

Its not my city So Im not sure Whats cool to do there Im from Philly but you can message me on facebook if your up for hanging out my email

Replied To: NYC Angels ()
On: Nov 09, 2012

Thank you and yes Chapter V will make it up I just feel like if they didnt like him that fine but they didnt have to disrespect him that was cool but like I said sum people just dont know how to act but thank you I am a die hard fan for Trey I love him and the haters go go screw there selfs They are a joke I hope you enjoy the Chapter V show :)

On: Nov 09, 2012

I have been been a Angel since the begining I rember waiting for the site to be up and runing I was so super excited I could hardly wait I love being a Angel and one of the reasons is because it doesnt just feel like a fan club It feels like a family Like a sisterhood I have met some nice people threw TreysAngels People I wouldnt even know it wasnt for TreysAngels It has brought people together and help make friendships between people who probable wouldnt talk to each other if it wasnt for TreysAngels and I think thats pretty coolif you ask me All the Angels with a heart missions are great as well Helping people and giving back is always a great thing I have had a lot of great moments as a Angel over the last 2 years If I had to just pick one it would be at the Angels With A Heart Foundation concert at the end when Trey bring his mom on stage Ms. April and he thanked her and said how much he loved her and the choir was singing Top Of The Word behindthem It was a very specail moment Everyone had tears in there eyes I know I did I felt honored to be there To see that and be a part of making a difference That was one of the best concerts I have ever been to I will never forget it I know I will have many more wonderful moments like that because of TreysAngels This group means alot to me it really does :)

Replied To: Happy Angelversary (Blog)
On: Nov 09, 2012
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you
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