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I cant wait for it to come out I will be there the first day it comes out just to see Trey I will even go to see the movie more then once even if its not good Just to support Trey Im happy for him branching out into acting I think hes gonna be great at acting to After I saw the Yo Side Of The Bed video I new he could act and now he gets to show everyone his skills in that area to :) Yay Trey

On: Nov 09, 2012

@ TRICIA AKA I get what your saying but I dont easily get upset over the things Trey says or does but this is something that was done to me My feelings were hurt thats why I am upset And your right Trey is ponly human and with that being said When your right your right and when you are wrong you are wrong and if he was the one that blocked me he was wrong because I didnt do nothing wrong and Im not going to act like its ok just because hes trey He should be held accountable for his actions just like anyone else should be He doesnt get a free pass because hes famous And thats if it was him but the same goes for is people When your right your right but when your wrong your wrong and whoever was wrong for blocking me As far as it being something small thats your opinion but It happen to me not you and its not just sumthing small to me and as far as how I reacted thats my choice You can speak for your self and how you reacted to what happen to you We are two different Yes I did react that way because my feelings were hurt and so I expressed that in my way but at the end of the day I will never fully stop supporting Trey I have been a Angel since the begin and Trey means alot to me I just had to feel how I was feeling in that moment and that was hurt I know what unconitional love is But I also know what holding people accountable for their actions is And its not about a follow on social media Its about my feelings being hurt and me feeling like I didnt deserve that because of my love and loyalty and support for Trey thats what it is about You and I are 2 different people and handle things 2 different ways and see things different to whats small to you isnt small to me But like I said I just had to feel the hurt and deal with it I will never fully stop supporting Trey I love him to much

On: Oct 26, 2012

@ TREYED UP I cant they blocked me so I cant even acess it ne more but profile pic is a face shot of Trey but you can see that he has his Chapter V shirt on and they put the link on the official facebook page telling you to friend the page go down the timeline for the page and see if you see it

On: Oct 26, 2012

Yeah I wish I could meet him there to I hope you have a good time Its going to be sooo fun !:)

On: Oct 26, 2012

Thank you Angel that means alot :) And I will go hard for Trey forever

On: Oct 26, 2012
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you