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Dont let a few Angels with bad attitudes make you think that all angels are like that because we arent I can say that I have met some really nice people off here but there are always some bad apples in the bunch smh Just rember why you signed up because of your love for Trey thats what I had to do because I was feeling some kind of way to feeling like I was being left out of some events and I was about to just say Im done with it to Untill I had to say to myself I joined for him not for them And about people not knowing the words to the songs That always happens when I go to shows to they just stand there and I scream every word to every song :) And it makes me feel really good about myself that I know every word :)

On: Mar 15, 2012

I will say a prayer for you I dont do twitter but Iam a facebooker you can find me by my email If you ever need to talk inbox me I hope things get better for you

On: Mar 15, 2012

I want to go :) It would be soooo much fun Its a great ideal

Replied To: Angel's Cruise ()
On: Mar 15, 2012

Iam always up for a tour I have missed one in 2 years I have seen him 8 times and I cant wait for my 9th

Replied To: Winter Tour . ()
On: Mar 15, 2012

Thank you Miss Songz :) And Thank you Jesus is my savior :)
Thank you Angels I missed my girls Yall are like my sisters I met some cool people off here sadly I have lost contact with them but But Iam always open to makeing new friends

Replied To: Im back lol yay ()
On: Mar 15, 2012
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you
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