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I love that mixtape to 2 of my fav songs are Bomb and Me4u I play Me4u over and over again so if you are crazy so am I because I be in my zone when I listen to Trey lol :)

On: Mar 13, 2012

Thank You So Much Angels !! :) I enjoyed my birthday Thank you for the Love :)

Replied To: Todays my Birthday :) ()
On: Aug 19, 2011

Yes I agree with all of yall I need to see him Asap and yes he did spoile us with all the shows back to back I saw him 7 times and I would of kept goin if he had shows in my area I LOVE TREY

On: Jun 20, 2011

Awww I hope ur feeling better and that u get to see Trey another day

Replied To: my stupid heart ()
On: Feb 28, 2011

guess Im goin to NYC then

On: Jan 14, 2011
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I love you Trey I would do anything for you
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