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Yes it will, and sometimes it takes a while. I know I got my package a little over a month later and it took forever to get my card, lol. But it is coming it just takes a little while. When did you join??

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On: Jul 18, 2012
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On: Aug 15, 2011
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On: May 14, 2011
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Charlie Fierce
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#SashaFierceAngel 3/24/11 I'm a funny person, I love to laugh and love to make jokes. I'm in the army (I love it), I love to travel. I always wanted to be a dancer but I was better at sports so I stuck with that. I AM A LOVER OF R&B!!! SO I LISTEN TO MEN ARTIST THAT CAN SING!!! I LOVE MEN THAT CAN SING ESPECIALLY TANK!!! My favorite color is yellow. (so I hope to see some Trey Angel's shirts in that color.) The other person that I stan for is Beyonce (BeyZus), she is my diva half. I channel her a lot. I have been to only one concert for Trey and that was PPP in Greensboro Sept. 2010, hopefully I can see him more, if the Army lets me off to. I think I have pretty much bought everything on the site, even those damn ballerina shoes...lmao.
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