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Charlie Monae Monroe _Songz


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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I don't fell so bad now, I've been waiting for the chapterV tour every since inevitable drop #ToThirsty..... Yes the ly need to drop them tour dates like trey be dropping panties...... Lol #TeamAngels

Replied To: Chapter V Tour ()
On: Sep 30, 2012

thts better thn nothing close enough lol

On: Apr 09, 2012

you guys took time out to read nd comment on my discussion. i really am glad to knw tht there are other ppl out there who care. im going to ake time out nd follow everyone who has a twitter handle nd for those who dnt, friend me on facebook Charlie Monroe

On: Apr 09, 2012

yes yes will do follown my fellow angels let support try til the end of the MF world comes lol @charlie_monae

On: Apr 08, 2012

yes yes loving it

Replied To: Heart Attack <3 ()
On: Mar 28, 2012
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Charlie Monae Monroe _Songz
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me i do wht i need to do nd take care of business i dnt worry about the nxt person cause the nxt person damn sure aint worry about me ily my lil darling KADEHN I. HARRIS (GODSON) JA'COLE I. HATCCHER (NIECE) ZARIAH M. SMITH (NIECE) I love being with kids tht y im with them up to 8 hours a day lol IL OVE TREY SONGS YES I DO I DO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO ND THT THT SMOOOCHIES
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