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September 23

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:::CHARMayne::: Queens, NY Light skin, slim with them legs long, yuuuup :) :::Loved Trigga Trey since "Cheat On You" Gotta Make It::: Let's DO IT! ;)
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Happy New Year! What's Up?

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Can you email me details. I live in the New York area. Twitter is not my thing. Please email me details at Tks.

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Did you witness a bum going IN on a computer on the E train after the so kodak event? LOL ur face looks familiar

dennis_yupp's picture

Lol:.I feel you on dat! But yes I've been once, maybe a few years back! I enjoyed what little time I spent in NY!

dennis_yupp's picture

Yeah....stupid far!! And I know you don't ever see yourself making a trip to the O for any reason! But NY is in my future.:)

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I'm from Oklahoma City.....and yourself?

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Sure is...Lol...What you think?

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I think not ma'am! I just may be more grown up than you.

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Ugh.....Just because you're a little older than me does'nt make me a baby! lol

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Never would have guessed! But I'm 19.

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You're more than welcome SweetHeart! :) How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

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Virgo Represent!! lol

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If i could give you my tickets I would, i know that if I dont claim them by monday they will go to an angel that is on the waiting list. I feel horrible that I cant go. :(