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It could happen. It's about ticket sales and good marketing

On: Jan 24, 2011

Maybe you should try calling Atlantic Records or emailing his team, trigga unit.

On: Jan 24, 2011

I won the Ultimate Angel contest on Dec. 5th at the Atlanta OMG Tour stop. It was a victory for me since I told Trey at the DTLR Tweet n Greet (the previous day) that I would win. I was so grateful to have won because when I first found out he was going on the tour, I was extremely excited. I figured, this would be a chance for me to buy the meet n greet package. However, the weren't offered. Then, I found out about the contest on facebook. My only goal going to the OMG Tour was to meet Trey Songz. So, I decided to make a paper dress with all of Trey's album covers. I knew that I had to stand out and bring my A game. I thought that it would've been very competitive. I brought my friend along and we drove from Mobile, AL to Atl for the show.

Anyways, after arriving at the Phillips Arena, I got Trey's Angel Chelsea S. to take my picture because I couldn't operate my phone. After Trey got on stage to perform, I thought I had lost because we didn't hear anything, and I was starting to get upset. Yet, during Trey's performance we were told that we won the Ultimate Angel and to go to a portal to met with someone, who would take us to meet Trey. Girl, we were so excited we ran (with heels on) to the portal before his performance ended and waited. We were both breathing like we had asthma. Crazy!

Meeting Trey Songz was surreal for me. I was shy but overly excited ( I didn't show it). He made me feel really comfortable as if he already knew me. He came up to each angel and gave us a big hug with a little squeeze for a pic. It didn't bother me at all.He held small talk with each of us, giving each fan his undivided attention for that mention. Making us feel special, like we matter to him. When he came to me, he took a pic of my dress with his personal i-phone and said "you told me you was gonna win". I loved every minute of it. It was worth the trip. If I could, I would do it all over again, and make it better. True day 1 fan Chaseedaw.

On: Jan 24, 2011
On: Jan 24, 2011
Replied To: ANGELS WITH HEART (Blog)
On: Jan 22, 2011
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