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Ive bin saying the same thing i hope they find out who it is because if they fool us they might fool a lot more people and then some might really think its trey and get mad at him why are people so wicked i wonder sometimes either way ill continue to love his music and everything else he does

On: Feb 26, 2011

yes I've SEEN THAT ONE REPEATEDLY LOLOLOLOl but ill check out all the others some one find him and tell him that hands down when my girl friend showed me that i could see and here him live was the best birthday gift ever

Replied To: ustream (Forum topic)
On: Feb 23, 2011

I've notice because i just found out about ustream this year sad i know

Replied To: ustream (Forum topic)
On: Feb 21, 2011

I've wanted to go to one of his shows from the first time i heard his song gotta make it his voice makes my heart smile I'm not just saying that as a giggly girl fan I'm saying this from the heart not many people can sing a song and make you want to be as loved are as strong as the words make you feel i live in the Caribbean on a SMALL island called Anguilla we don't get big stars here unless there vacationing i watch his concerts on Youtube all the time that's as close as ill ever get i guess but that wont stop me from enjoying his music i love that when he speaks you can tell he's a man that's sure of him self and makes sure his fans know he cares about them ill stop rambling now my friends say i can talk about Trey Songz forever i guess there right lol keep up the good work and i hope god continues to bless you and your family in every way your giggly girl fan shelifia

On: Feb 19, 2011
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