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December 22

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December 21

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WonderWoman_54 #Organic-Angel
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Hey ya'll. Im sending my love out to Trey from the DMV (aka D.C., Md., Va.) area. I love his music and everything about him. Im beyond excited to be a Trey's Angel and hopefully one day I will get to meet this super talented, handsome man in person. Follow me on twitter @WonderWoman_54. And I got my official Angel nickname... #OrganicAngel ~*Hugs and Kisses*~ <3
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Yes, please do! Feb. 9th!
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here's the first story in case you haven't rewad it yet. Sorry I'm just getting back to you on it. I just dicovered this message box about two days ago. LOL.
If you haven't read it yet, enjoy!!

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Hey sis. I don't remember where I found the 1st volume of the Stalker Diaries but if I do find it anytime soon...I'll definitely let you know. Have a blessed one!

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hey im not going to be getting it, im just getting a regular ticket :( thanks for responding to me though