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No one seems interested! this is making this angel very sad...

On: Aug 09, 2012


On: Aug 25, 2010

None of our business!

On: Aug 25, 2010

Age limit?? NO if you have heard his albums or seen him on youtube you know what your about to see and if your parent thinks its too much, it's their responsibility to make sure you don't go not Trey's team.

On: Aug 25, 2010

There would be no Trey Songz if he wasn't famous! Trey Songz was created for fame. Most of us would never have met Trey Neverson to be able to love him. Just saying!

On: Aug 25, 2010
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Follow me @chevyluva As my name states I luv Chevy's drive an 05 Impala! I enjoy Trey's music and have for years! Can't wait to chat with some of the other angels! BE GREAT~
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