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i dont believe it. at all. no if ands or buts

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On: Jun 21, 2011

ohhh my gosh. i couldnt finish watching it cause i got excited and started crying. lol

On: Jun 04, 2011

i was not talking about the happy and yes i getcha on the whole God situation girl. took the words straight outta my mouth....but no he is not. you can look at the videos on youtube....hes far from it

Replied To: Trey Rumor ()
On: May 30, 2011

@MRSLUVNTREY- yeah. thats the one i was talkin about havin it recorded. on my phone. lol. and angela said "some of the people say well yeah you havnt made it till the gay rumor comes out"

@brownc3cbrown- like i said above...they say you havnt made it till the gay rumor comes out. sooo.......yeauhh. lol

Replied To: Trey Rumor ()
On: May 25, 2011

i would have. but when i wrote this, i was in my hometown and they dont have good internet service there at all. its supposed to be high speed, but it acts like dialup.... so i just did the best resource i had i had at the time....which was this.....and then when i got to an area where i could have better internet service, i watched the video on youtube and recorded it with my phone so if anyone ever tries telling me that again. i have proof that he aint. lol.

Replied To: Trey Rumor ()
On: May 23, 2011
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