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i wouldnt unless we were married or in a strong relationship..

On: Aug 02, 2010

I would kiss

On: Aug 02, 2010

Definitly "Neighbors Know My Name" because not only will the neighbors know his name but the people across the street will too!! Xx LoveYouTreyBaby xX

On: Jul 31, 2010

ME: ''Hey Tremaine" TREY: ''Please call me Trey!" ME: "Gotcha, Well what are you doing here?" TREY: "Umm can i please come in?" ME: "Sure, Why not??" TREY: "Well i just dropped by to see if i can can get to know you because i saw you last night at Survival of the Fittess and i was really attracted to your beauty!" ME: ((Speechless)) TREY: "Well are you going to say something?" ME: "Umm......yeah sorry i was caught up in the moment. Umm please excuse me for a sec" TREY: "Sure!" (Run to the bathroom, tell my self to get it together, and go back out there and talk to him like a normal person..ok got it!!) ME: "Ok im back" TREY: "Cool..Umm would like to go out friday?" ME: "Yes, I would LOVE to!" TREY: "Ok cool.. ill come pick you up at 8. ME: "Thats great!! TREY: "Ok bye, See you friday!!

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On: Jul 31, 2010
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