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On: Feb 14, 2013

Xumanii SUCKS!!!!!!!!! It never works. Trey you should use Stage it. I don't have a problem paying. But this is frustrating.

On: Feb 14, 2013

The Xumanii website is got to be the worst ever. It never works, and Trey fans always misses out. I really wish he would sell the DVD of his concerts on his website. I've seen him twice this year in concert, and I just can't get enough of his magnificent performances.

On: Jan 01, 2013

Trey performed "Fumble" last night, and my heart melted. This is by far one of the best songs on the album. The show was amazing. There was a few unexpexcted treats that were delightful. I was a little dissappointed he used a voice enhancer, it made him sound a little different. But overall, it was a good show.

Replied To: Listen to “Fumble”! (Blog)
On: Dec 02, 2012

HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY!!! This is your golden year. You turned 28 on the 28th. Be Blessed!

On: Nov 28, 2012
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