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I need a little help. On 2/6/11, I ordered the Keep Me Warm Bundle, The Valentines Day Bundle and the Faded Juniors T-shirt, and have not yet received anything. I want to order the poster calendar, but is afraid I won't get it either. I have contacted Audiolifes customer service twice with not respond as to when I should be receiveing my order. Is there anyone eles I can contact regarding this issue.

On: Feb 19, 2011

Trey I was at the Love Faces" concert last night, and just let me say, "Damn, Damn, Damn!!!". You were rockin the hell out of that white suite. I like the way you sang all my favorites from "PPP". All you were missing was, "Scratin Me UP, and No Clothes On". You did the damn thing when you sang "Please return My Call". The way you were crooning like "Lenny", beggin like "Keith Sweat", and hitting those notes like "Prince", had those youg girls real confused, they were'nt ready, but I was right with you baby. The way you poured so much emotion into that song, made me really belive the pain you were feeling. You did the damn thang youngin. Mz. Choclt

On: Feb 15, 2011

1st of all I would like to thank Trey for doing the Loves Faces concert. I was not able to attend the Passion, Pain and Pleasure or the OMG concerts,but I will not miss this one. 2nd, I'm still pissed I was not able to get the Trey Songz calendar. Also, if Trey is taking any request for the"Love Faces" concert, I'm a big fan of "No Clothes On","Scratchin Me Up", "We Should Be", and "In The Middle".Even though I have all of his CD's, I love "Gotta Make It" and "Trey Dey" the most. I Have to be honest though, I started my collection with "Passion, Pain and Pleasure", and worked my way back, and "Love Faces" is my jam. (I'm old school for real).I did the same thing with Prince when "Purple Rain" came out. I can't wait to picture Trey with "No Clothes On", and watch him "get it from the back Love Faces". Love Ya Youngin. Mz. Choclt.

On: Feb 05, 2011
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