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thanks for sharing your store i know it is to have a disability because i have a mild case of cerebral palsy .

On: Feb 25, 2011
Replied To: STAR ANGEL (Blog)
On: Feb 15, 2011

i got mines this morning

Replied To: Valentine's Email ()
On: Feb 14, 2011

click on your name in the left hand corner and you should see edit profile. when you get to edit profile scroll down to the bottom and you can add it.if you have any question contact me on twitter@christysolovely

Replied To: Editing Profile ()
On: Jan 31, 2011

My heart goes out to your sister.I lost two family members from cancer ,so i know what you are going through.maybe you could contact TreysAngel on twitter and they maybe can make that happen for you.

Replied To: Trey Fan Has Cancer ()
On: Jan 26, 2011's picture
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