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I think that Trey is single .He seems like the type that has a lot of female friends i'v e seen pic of him with different women doesnt mean that he's dating them.

On: Jan 25, 2011

i'm glad that you joined. welcome
you can also follow me @christysolovely

Replied To: New Trey Angel ()
On: Jan 20, 2011

@NALSTON:you 've said it all that's exactly what i look for in a man.Whoever that special lady is in his life she is really lucky.He's the type of man that when he's in a relationship he tries to be faithful to whomever he's with.He stated that in a past interview with sister2sister magazine.I'm single but i'm praying to god that i find a man with those qualities.

On: Jan 13, 2011

i bougght the movie .i love it .i watch that movie so many times.

Replied To: PREACHER'S KID ()
On: Jan 09, 2011's picture
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