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The Offical Title.

My Motivation to Party

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Passion, Pain, && Pleasure: The Show
Starring: Trey Songz

Ciara: Mimi, I know you’re not bringing me over here to say that you’re leaving?
Mimi: *tears swell up in her eye, as she fans her face to stop herself from crying* It’s not that I don't love him, it’s that I see the love that he has for you and Ashley and it’s not the same between him and I. I'd rather him be with somebody that he has more feelings for
Ciara: *sitting up to the edge of the couch* listen to don't make sense. If Trey didn't want you to be here, than you wouldn't be here. so, if you’re willing to leave that is your decision, it has nothing to do with him
Ciara had really heard enough, she couldn’t believe that Mimi would hurt Trey like that. She got up and walked towards the exit of the room.
Ciara: *heading towards the door, stopping in the doorway, looking back to speak* I don’t know how you’re going to tell Trey this, but he don’t need this right now. Think about what I said before you make your decision…..
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Hello fellow Angel Sister! Just wanted to take time to Thank You! for the Comment! I guess its due to my Age and also my Upbringing but I just don't like a lot of Drama and Negativity and I'm Determined to do all I can to keep This a Positive Sisterhood. I truly Appreciate your Reply Angel!

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Hey =) I am from Columbia, SC