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are you serious? He weak.that wasn't a diss i don't know what that was.If trey cut him off then he he proably had a good reason too.

On: Dec 24, 2010

i got mine.i'm like what are they for?lol .I think its for special offers and events ,it says on the back that you can show this card at a Trey event along with your ID

On: Dec 24, 2010
Replied To: ANGELS IN THE CITY (Blog)
On: Nov 15, 2010

i think that watching the ustreams you get to see Trey Songz but you all so get to see Tremaine as well. I think that he really is silly like that and like to play around .For real.He just seems like the kinda man that you could have fun with he's cool as hell though.When he was sounding like rudy lol

On: Nov 10, 2010

that one was funny Trey was like what you sounded like she doing something while talking to him.Lol

On: Nov 10, 2010's picture
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