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I agree with you 100%

On: Nov 04, 2010

I don't know how i missed that video as much as i watch youtube. lol

On: Nov 03, 2010

@oneshadowlove: I enjoyed reading your comment,you make some good points.I don't listen to rap music either because i feel that some rap music can be disrespectful toward women.

On: Oct 28, 2010

@shay: you do have a point though.You can't control what teenagers listen to.Teenagers these days are too mature.It just amaze me how young some of his fans are that are angels on this board and i'm like do the even understand what he's talking about.l know of someone that lets there 12 year old daughter listen to Trey .I'm like that's why too young to be listening to his music.

On: Oct 28, 2010

i got the best buy version.I want to get the target version,but they were all sold out online.

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