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its needs to be a passion and pleasure tour 2.It didn't come to my hometown. he should do a second tour for passion pain and pleasure because some cities it didnt come to.

On: Oct 22, 2010

the best buy version has unfortunate on it You would proably come out better getting the target version because you get more tracks.its 17 songs like the best buy version but you get hidden tracks.

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On: Oct 22, 2010

I found out that trey is in virgina with his family. I thought that he might be in virgina with his family and i found out over the weekend from twitter that he wass in Virgina.

On: Oct 18, 2010

btw the pic that were posted was posted today.She's not treys angel .if you go to the community and then scroll down to the photos and you will see it. Ya'll got me investigating

On: Oct 16, 2010

Its some chick on this site that claims sge is engaged to him and the have pic of them together.If he has found love good for him.

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