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On: Sep 11, 2010

If I was still a virgin, single, with the feelings I have now, yes he could definitely have it from me. Of course there would be grounds set, I wouldn't give it up if he was just trying to get it, but if we were really committed to each other I would w/o hesitation.

When I am at work people ask me questions and just randomly talk I tune some of the conversation out because HATAS!! LOL!! But for real, the other day my co-worker was like Tamika every time someone mention Trey Songz, you just light up and start glowing.

I am so in love and know it. That is definitely unconditional love because the only thing I know about him is what he wants me to know. OH MY! :)

On: Aug 31, 2010
On: Aug 25, 2010
On: Aug 25, 2010
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Chyna White
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I am a young lady whom is interested in music, dancing, reading, and having fun. I joined this page because I am so in love with Trey Songz and wanted to have some kind of contact with him besides the voicemail he has going on. Don't get it twisted and think that I am a crazy fan because I'm not but you inspire me in so many ways and that is why I love you, and I think I understand you better than any other fan in my shoes. By me joining this page it is showing my dedication and love for YOU! I am also a Treys Angel, I spend some bread on this website making sure I will get all the latest everything for Trey....