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Chyna White


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On: Aug 24, 2010

What I like most about Trey outside of his looks, his music is that deal. But Trey has a profoundness that we can never get again from any other artist. He is intelligent, knows how to handle business, and I LOVE THAT HIS MOM IS HIS # 1 LADY.....A man that doesn't treat his mom right will not treat u right.

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On: Aug 21, 2010
On: Jul 28, 2010
On: Jun 02, 2010
On: May 27, 2010
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Chyna White
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I am a young lady whom is interested in music, dancing, reading, and having fun. I joined this page because I am so in love with Trey Songz and wanted to have some kind of contact with him besides the voicemail he has going on. Don't get it twisted and think that I am a crazy fan because I'm not but you inspire me in so many ways and that is why I love you, and I think I understand you better than any other fan in my shoes. By me joining this page it is showing my dedication and love for YOU! I am also a Treys Angel, I spend some bread on this website making sure I will get all the latest everything for Trey....