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On: Jul 16, 2010
On: Jul 16, 2010
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Im wery intergetic I love to have fun always in the mood for change. Never let anybody or anything stand in my way of achiving my goals. And always willing to make to the top of the music buiss if anybody wants to help me out then thats good. Just want to be a singer, been singing since i was 3 and it's just my most valueubal,precious dream thats important to me .already wrking with producers, but always looking for more help.Im so dedicated to making it that I created a mocospace,facebook,u tube account, kidz bop account,and a skpe . Thats just how much im dedicated. Im a Gemini Have nice smile Own swaag do things my way have big dreams,and i have one dimple on my left cheeck Sincernly Cindi Williams
United States