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On: Mar 02, 2011

ahhhhh im tooooooo excited to see trey!! i know he is going to be amazing just like he was at his previous concert! :) i know ima be taking a whole lot of pics! this will be a night to remember too

On: Nov 20, 2010
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Track is my life...i hope to pursue a career in track during college..i dont know where it in going to take me in life but i am excited to find out. I know everyone says this but i am the biggest Trey Songz fan you will ever meet. Even though i havent met Trey in person or even gotten a picture with him im still a dedicated fan. I cant afford to spend hundreds of dollars to meet Trey during one of his concerts, if i did best believe i would. I support him in every way that is possible. Every concert he is in i try my hardest to go to if they are in Ga. I appreciate Trey and believe he is very talented with what he does and he is a great performer. I am a real cool person once you get to know me and im most definitely not afraid to say whats on my mind :)
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