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CoCo Noelle


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follow me @ coco_noelle. I 'll follow back :)

On: May 04, 2011

Im going!!!! Plane ticket purchased hotel room booked... Sooo excited. It's my first year going. follow me @ coco_noelle

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On: May 04, 2011

Its allot of people going to the Essence Festival Solo this year

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On: May 04, 2011
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On: Mar 27, 2011
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On: Mar 27, 2011
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CoCo Noelle
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I sing... I write... I dance... I'm black... I love Trey... ummmmm yeah...Thats it LOL BTW My avatar is actually a cake and yes I ate the Channel Bag, it was quite yummy too.
Pleasant Hill
United States
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