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not yet! i cant wait to find out lol!

On: Feb 18, 2013

who won!? :D

On: Feb 18, 2013

these people that are posting their post like a million times to try have a better chance of winning are not making the competition fair for fellow angels lol... chill!

On: Feb 17, 2013

i think a simply amazing valentines day would consist of spending the day with the man i love. Usually people think it's the men that have to surprise their women on Valentines day, but i would switch it up just to show him how much i loved him. I'd surprise him with a dozen roses, 11 real and one artificial & i will tell him "i'll love you till the last one dies" (the artificial one can never die so therefore i will always love him) he would also have breakfast in bed while watching his favourite sports channels, we'd lie in bed play fighting, laughing and being lazy all morning and then we would get ready and head to a Redskins game that i had bought tickets for. After the game (and when Redskins win) we will go back to the hotel that i have booked for the night and get ready to celebrate over dinner/drinks at a nice restaurant where we would spend our time reminiscing and chatting about all the memories we've had together and how many more we wish to come in the future. After our meal and drinks we would head back to the hotel where i would treat him like a king and feed him chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream and make love to him showing him how much he means to me.

On: Feb 13, 2013
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