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Today's Jamaica Gleaner Writes article on Trey see article on link below.

On: Jul 14, 2012

NUMBA1HON I have seen online performances that Trey has done I dont mind onebit.

On: Jul 03, 2012

The J-Kits Remix is great i like it . I hope dont follow R Kelly drop pant thing it was not something most Jamaicans like when he was last.

On: Jul 02, 2012

I want Trey to do his own thing thats all i am looking forward too R Kelly might not even come he is not well and i dont want to see him drop his pants on stage again as he did on his last visit to Jamaica.

On: Jul 02, 2012

Reggae Sumfest tickets are $6,000.00 JAD.

On: Jun 21, 2012
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