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I feel the same way, I'm upset about the name of the line, I feel it takes away from the true Angels. I do understand it's Trey's brand & name, but I feel that another name would have been just as good and I wonder what does that mean for us current Angels who buy the membership, are we not getting new material or is he doing away with us :( doesn't make me feel special at all!!

On: Mar 19, 2012
On: Mar 15, 2012

I think it's for signing event's to help get you in or in a situation that you need to show that you are a Angel, it does not help at concerts at all. I just love the fact that I have one and that Trey signed it for me!!

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On: Feb 22, 2012

I believe they are different! You can be a Angel who performs Angel with Hearts missions (AWHM) if you like! But to be a Angel it is not required to do AWHM. You can always ask Treys Angels directly.

On: Feb 22, 2012

@watsb4me tweet you soon :)

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On: Feb 22, 2012
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I am a huge Trey Songz fan, he is such a cutie and has a huge heart. I looovvveeee me some Tremaine, his swagg, style and smile. As a performer he is versatile and can do it all...he is a TP...Total Package. He loves his Momma and that shows that he has respect and a deep love for all women, the way a Man treats his Mom is how he will treat you! He can only get better. I like what he is doing with his Angels group and the sisterhood that has formed with people from all over the world, of all races and of all ages. I live in Euclid, Ohio and was introduced to Trey via my son, whom also got me the Trey Songz 2011 calender for Christmas this year,lol! I am a In-Home Childcare Provider. Did I mention that I love Trey???
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