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@BNSEX4U I'm gonna hit u on Twitter.

The other two, I don't know if I got a email from you or not. I got some, but they're Chicago Angels. And one from an unknown person. Send them emails ladies =)

Replied To: Lemmeholdatbeat VID (Forum topic)
On: Mar 09, 2011

@babidollface1 I know that this "Smh @ certain people being on the defensive ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time.It's a discussion and everyone has opinions!! F.Y.I", was directed @ me. You're a pro @ speaking subliminally about someone. If it wasn't, my bad. But if you took the time to read all the postings, then you would know why I responded the way I did. Of course, whomever it was referring to and/or took offense to it, would think what I said is rude. Not my concern. But try using those eyes to read EVERY SINGLE POST b4 u say something directed towards me. And I know what this is. What's your point? Never said any1 couldn't utilize their 1st Amendment.

And fifteen minutes w/ every female? You joking right? So when is he supposed to perform? And I hope you're joking w/ those gifts. I laugh at some of the stuff you say, really.

@cara2012 I honestly think they base the prices on what they expect to pull in. And/or maybe the cities cost of living. Chicago and NY are major cities. If tickets don't sell out in both cities, they probably will get close to it. Aside from what the brokers snatched up, VIP is probably gone. There wasn't a PPP concert here in the Chi either. "proud of his succes ...upset about the prices evn tho i understand it!"

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 17, 2011

@Trish LOL, retard. I know u didn't win tickets. I was there w/ u, remember? And the other stuff wasn't for u. It's for others giving negative feedback. But yes, a massage would be splendid. =)

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 15, 2011

The didn't inquire on the VIP for the PPP tour is for the people w/ the negative feedback. Not everyone who mentioned it to me. #clarification

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 15, 2011

Umm @TreyzRAREAngel it's called VENTING. No one's TRIPPING. So umm, yea. That portion of your comment wasn't needed. But thanks! And who said he wasn't a business man? Once again, reminding me of info that I'm already aware of. Moving right along......

@Trish, yo baby huh? A mess! And I read EVERYTHING u said honey. Clap Clap Bravo! It's FANTASTIC that he's so high in demand. Why'd you pay so much and u won the OMG Angel Mission? Ohhh, this was b4 u found out u won....duh. Yeah I DEF enjoyed that too. Got a lot of time w/ that one. Not that I'm complaining about all my opportunities meeting him. I just loved that one the most, lol.

@Karen523 Well enjoy every bit of the sweat that drips from him, lol.

And why does everyone feel the need to share w/ me how much their PPP VIP package was? I didn't inquire. You paid what you paid. Every city is different. I'M VENTING! Or did the negative ones commenting overlook that part? Oh ok! I've traveled for TAN. Did u miss that part too? Oh ok! So spending on him isn't a problem. I was just vexed at the prices. I'm entitled to feel the way I want to feel. I won't love him any less. I'll still support him the way that I've been doing. So read my post b4 u remind me of info that I'm already knowledgeable about. Thanks! =)

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 15, 2011
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