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It's ALWAYS that one NEGATIVE person that has to come and release their negative feedback in a thread. I don't think I mentioned ANYWHERE n my venting that I said ANYTHING about TAN not having a life @ms.yuup. I, as well as any other fan he has, pretty much knows this. Please tell me what does that have to do w/ anything mentioned here? And YOU paid $500 dollars for a Meet n Greet, not me. It's different everywhere you go....FACT! Please miss me w/ the negativity. I mean, you're seriously schooling me like I'm a yesterday fan, smmfhidb.

@Shadwanda, as far as the time, I agree w/ u on that. I speak from experience when I met him @ the OMG concert. I compared that, w/ the meeting him in VA to meeting him in St Louis. And I learned, if you're sociable and/or come bearing gifts, you're gonna get more time. He senses a nervous person. Not to say he's gonna make you feel uncomfortable, but you're time will be short. I've grown accustomed to him, and I treat him like he one of my ninjas. Just a sexy one, lol. And I knooooowwwwwwwwwwwww it's his way of living. Why are people addressing that? I'm well aware of that. I was vexed @ the prices. So I made the post. I have my 3l bb seats for the Chicago show. I will spend and have spent my coins for TAN. BUT, being that I've done one of these before, and I know what it's like, I passed. BUT, I'll get another chance and I can decide again if I'll choose to pay it or not....again. LOL

LOL @songzbaby! Sheesh, what did you get done to your hair for that amount....

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 15, 2011

They did have a free opportunity to meet Trey. What are you talking about? The OMG tour. All you had to do was buy the ticket. And the contest was the OMG Angel Mission which four lucky Angels were selected. And the skip the line contest for the cd signings, where 25 Angels were selected.

@Cierra, the code is for presale. You're a NY Angel. You won't need that till yours go on sale.

On: Jan 14, 2011
On: Jan 13, 2011

@Tricia, I doubt u get 5 minutes hun. He has to meet 50 women, lol.

@treys-shawty I agree w/ what Tricia said.

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 13, 2011

It's a trust factor pretty much. Unless you have a friend u know that wants to do VIP. Whoever u do VIP w/, has to trust that you'll give them their money. And vice versa. It sucks if you don't know the person or live near them. But that's how it goes.

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On: Jan 13, 2011
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