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Someone is looking for a person to buy a 4th ticket for the VIP in NY. Here's her email addey: Hope this helps!

Replied To: can someone help ): (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

Hey there's a Angel who's looking for someone to buy tickets w/. I'll send her email addey to u. If that's ok.

Replied To: love faces tour in new york (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

Just go to twitter and sign up. It's a simple process and it'll walk you through it. My name here is my twitter name. If you decided to do it, tweet my name and let me know u chatted w/ me on here and I'll follow you. I'll try to give you some guidance. And yeah, if you don't have someone who's willing to go half w/ the ticket, you'll have to pay the price for two tickets. It sucks, but that's how they do it. It was done the same way for his PPP tour.

Replied To: can someone help ): (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

LMAO @Karen523 I feel you. I said my limit was $200 hundred too. And I can never get enough of meeting him. I can do w/out the meet n greet doe. It's so rushed. I had more time w/ the OMG joint. But yea, I NEED THOSE SEATS TO BE CLOSE!!!!!

@Sheree_Renee I feel you mama. But it's not gonna get any cheaper. The time for ANY and EVERYONE to really have taken advantage to meet TAN, would've been during that OMG tour. For one, he did cd signings and had skip the line contests to meet him AND take a pic WITH him, not of him. AND he had contests like the OMG Angel Mission. All you had to do was sign people up for this fan club, and u got to meet him. That ish was much better then the meet n greet. Not to knock the meet n greet. But I experienced both. And the OMG joint wasn't rushed, it was less people and we had MORE time.

But for those who are willing/going to spend the loot, enjoy every second of it. I did for my first time meeting him. And I have ZERO regrets, limited time and all, lol. I'll be in attendance w/ my camera and my camcorder and my sign and Angel wings, lol.

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

LOL @ Kay. A damn shame woman!!!!

@kg.sunshine OK!

@babidollface1 Thanks! Dunno where that came from. But I'll take it =)

Replied To: TAN's(Trey Songz) visit for VDAY (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011
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