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September 27

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I am a Big Fan of Trey Songz, Not only because he has great sex appeal but because he is very talented. He blows my mind how humble he is and one of the very few artist who treat his fanz like he really cares about them. He seems like a really cool person and I cant wait until I have my day to meet him up close and personal where I can actually have a convo with him. On another note, I am currently in college majoring in Biology to become a Dentist and eventually specialize in Orthodontics. I plan to have my own office and be very successful...Its a hard path but I work hard and fight to the finish everyday.... I love to read and write poetry and listen to music. I can write all day as long as I have my music in my ear and I get in the zone........=)!!!!
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That`s ok have fun and thanks for replying.

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Hi i was wondering do u have an extra ticket for the so Kodak performance if so can i get it plz. Can u reply soon telling me yes or no.
God Bless