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My idea of a "Simply Amazing Valentine's Day" ... Start the day with a sweet text that puts a smile on my face sorting out details for the evening ... Getting everything ready , making sure it's perfect .. The tantalising anticipation pulling at something inside my belly throughout the day ... Not knowing what we're doing its exciting and sexy , I love being surprised just as much as I love surprising .. I have a few surprises for him myself ... I hope he'll enjoy my little gifts , they sure mean a lot to me ..
The time to meet him arrives and i''m nervous , getting a cab to the location , checking I have everything .. Tonight is gonna be perfect ! But where are we going?
I finally arrive , but he's not there , instead I'm met by a flight attendant (Jamie) !!! My curiosity reaches an all time high , and Jamie gives nothing away .. Climbing into the helicopter I'm a bit scared , I never flew in one before ..
As it takes off , the view is unreal , it's just that time when night takes over the city ... We fly for two hours and a half & then slowly prepare to land ..
It's a tiny island ! Maldives ! I'm mesmerised .. I climb down , taking my overnight bag & preparing myself to finally see my valentine ..
It's a bit like our first date , over the top :) nothing changed in 5 years hey .
He awaits me & I'm in his arms within seconds .. The helicopter takes off leaving just us two on the beautiful piece of land surrounded by blue water .. It's magical , but then it always is with him..We exchange gifts & he loves his personalised watch and I love my necklace ! We have dinner , fresh seafood cooked by him,there's nothing I love more .. He then sets up the tripod so we can take a photo.. He drops to one knee & puts the most beautiful ring on my shaking fingers,my heart stops beating!Its everything I dreamed of&more!how much can happen in five hours..what happens next it's explicit but let's say he gets his second part of his gift& we're both lost in the covers ..

On: Feb 13, 2013
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