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I agree with Tayla(Tee) and Tluv I think that even though trey is busy he should take some time to personally speak to his fans so we can know that us being his fans matters to him. And not everone has a twitter or myspace so he should take some time out of his busy life and call a sister up. We Love You Trey hope yo havent forgotten your fans

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Aug 28, 2010

I agree wit NewOrleans05 she is talking some true shit my answeer is no because all you girls that say you would loose it to trey are going to be nameless, faceless items when he is done wit you he dont remember half the people he sleep wit so he aint gonna remember u

On: Aug 28, 2010

I think that they are both sexy but I go with trey songz cuz i love a man with dimples and they did do a collaboration together it was called Takes Time to Love and it was the shit

Replied To: WHO IS BETTER CHRIS BROWN or TREY SONGZ? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 28, 2010
On: Aug 12, 2010
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I love Trey Songz and I was one of the few fans that actually stuck by him when he was trying to make it .
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